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(30 minutes) SUMMER TONIFY
Although the primary practices for spring are purging, tonification is an important next step. To tonify means to strengthen. Tonification qigong exercises nourish the organs, smooth the flow of qi through the meridians and fortify the qi in the lower dantian.

Summer is a powerful time to attune to the sun’s yang energy for expansion, joy and connection to the world around us. Our internal sun, called the Imperial Fire or Sacred Fire, resides in the heart center. To sustain a steady flame of fire for expansion, we need to first create an ample amount of energy in the body through tonification practices. When the sacred fire burns steady, expansion happens effortlessly and we feel joy and happiness for no reason at all.

In this routine we begin by generating qi internally by “Warming the Stove”, a Dantian Activation sequence that uses dantian breathing and reverse breathing methods to conserve and activate the Original Force. This is followed by energy warm ups for the spinal cord and silk reeling exercises that nourish the kidneys (water element) and heart (fire element). The routine ends by collecting qi from the cosmic forces of Heaven and Earth through the Six Directions Flow, further energizing and tonifying the system.

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