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Mental Clarity is a state of mind that is awake, discerning, and in the present moment. The opposite of mental clarity is a cloudy mind, foggy mind or pensive mind that is filled with thoughts and worries. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, a clear and focused mind depends on the state of your Yi spirit, or Intention Consciousness. The Yi is the aspect of your mind that can focus, make decisions and direct your thoughts.  

The Yi is rooted in the Spleen. If the Spleen and it’s organ pair the Stomach are weak or stagnant, the mind cannot focus or make decisions with confidence. This is often accompanied by physical symptoms of a “foggy mind”, heaviness in the forehead and lethargy. A weak or stagnant Spleen is most common during the rainy season in Late Summer (August-October depending on the country) when the weather is humid and unpredictable.

Qigong Flow for Mental Clarity is a great routine to nourish the Yi, improve focus and help make decisions. It is a healing practice if you feel tired or mentally overwhelmed due to over thinking, stress, and worry. The beginning of the routine focuses on purging excess energy from the mind, and pumping earth Qi through the legs. Flowing movements are designed to strengthen the spleen, stomach and lower dantian thus nourishing the Yi spirit.

In addition, the brain aspect of the mind is connected to the flow of cerebral spinal fluid through the spinal cord. When the spinal cord fluid is dehydrated and not flowing, the Qi in the brain becomes weak. Therefore in this routine we will begin with by clearing stagnation in the spine, brain and spleen. This is followed by flowing movements that balance the earth element and circulate Qi through the Three Dantian and Central Meridian channel to enliven the brain. All Qigong movements promote deep abdominal breathing which also sends oxygen to the brain for a clear mind.



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