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(25 Min) Qigong Flow to Tonify the Dai Mai

To promote longevity, more energy!

This video can help with fatigue, lower back weakness, kidney deficiency, liver qi deficiency, spleen qi deficiency, energy burnout, infertility, prostrate issues, menstrual pain, or menopause symptoms.

Qigong flow for the Dai Mai is made up of specific Qigong flows that move energy through this Extraordinary Meridian. These routines are designed to give you more support in your life. This variation of the routine focuses on Tonifying the Dai Mai. Choose this video if you feel tired, exhausted, weak, confused, emotionally unstable or vulnerable.


The Dai Mai is called the Belt Channel because it wraps around the waist like a belt! It is the only meridian that flows on a horizontal plane. Energetically, the Dai Mai holds you together. Cultivating this channel will make you strong! If you feel like you are ‘falling apart’ or need support, this is the meridian to focus on.

Emotionally, the Dai Mai helps you process and let go of pent-up emotions. Opening this channel is like letting go of excess weight around the waist so that your belt does not feel so tight. 

The Dai Mai is made up of points on the Gallbladder and Liver Meridians, but it also intersects the Kidney, Stomach, Ren Mai and Du Mai Meridians. It harmonizes the Qi in the liver and gallbladder. Since it wraps around the lower back and Ming Men point, it also guides and supports the Qi of the uterus and Jing Essence, which is great for female longevity.



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