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(46 min) This qigong flow routine is designed to help you relax from your day and create the right conditions for a restorative sleep. In the evening our energies are winding down in harmony with the descending energy of nature. So it’s a good time to turn our energy inward, calm the emotions and recollect the spirit. In traditional Chinese medicine the heart is the ruler of sleep. The heart is considered our emotional mind and is houses the shen our spirit. If our emotions are over active they say that the shen or our spirit is not centered in the body, then this can make it difficult to sleep. So in at night we want the mind and the heart to be calm or yin. We want to calm the heart spirit and balance the yin and yang energy in the body.

The routine begins with exercises to release any accumulated energy you may have taken on in your day. Then we will do spiral movements to clear out stress and anxiety that may be affecting the heart shen. Then we will do some restorative qigong for the kidneys to replenish our vitality. Finally well finish with some special exercises to promote a good nights sleep.



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