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(28 min) Qigong Flow for Improved Vagal Tone

This is a complete Qigong Flow routine (purge-tonify-circulate) designed to improve vagal tone and promote relaxation. It is great for everyone, especially those who are faced with stress or experience insomnia.

The word vagus means wanderer because the vagal nerve is the longest nerve in the body that wanders from the brain to the gut. The vagus nerve is the main part of our autonomic and parasympathetic nervous system. Its function is vital for us to sleep, digest and relax. It oversees our mood, stress response and our ability to speak. When the vagus nerve is healthy, you have a high vagal tone. This means that you are able to relax after moments of stress. If vagal tone is low then you will have a more difficult time to relax after stress. Therefore, we want to have a high vagal tone so that we can cope with stress more easily and the body can return back to a state of balance and relaxation. This routine is best done during the bladder-kidney meridian hour of 3pm-7pm.

*Marisa pronounces the word vagus in the original Latin pronunciation, not the typical English pronunciation, because she likes the way it sounds better in Latin!

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