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Winter is the most Yin time of the year. Therefore Winter is the most important time to nourish the Yin in the body. We do this by nourishing the kidneys, bladder, lower dantian and extraordinary vessels.

The Qigong Flow for Winter Series contains a full range of videos that are designed to support the kidneys and the water element. In Qigong Flow to Purge we will focus on clearing cold and warming the kidneys. Qigong Flow to Tonify is a sequence of slow and powerful exercises to strengthen your lower dantian. and Qigong Flow to Circulate focuses on the spine and circulating Qi through extraordinary vessels. You will also find other supplementary videos like Qigong flow for the winter solstice, Qigong to support Vagal tone, Lower back health, self massage, and a seated routine for happy kidneys.



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