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Qigong is a method to preserve and conserve your energy. An important aspect of conserving energy is protecting it.

Qigong Flow for Protection combines movement, breath, affirmations and hand mudras to promote a powerful and protected energy field. The routine focuses on the two levels of protection: internal and external.


Everything begins within. The first level of protection is to release limiting thoughts, emotions and beliefs, so that you can see yourself and the world more objectively When you hold onto emotions, or block emotions, these frequencies also can get stuck in your energy field and cloud your judgement. As a result you may attract negative experiences instead of positive ones. To do this the routine begins by tuning into yourself and purging any negative energy, including fear, that you may be holding onto. Fear causes the Qi to sink and leak, which results in a loss of energy.


The second level is to create external energetic protection from the negativity of other people and environments. Every day you are exposed to other peoples energy and emotions. You are especially effected when someone dumps their emotions on you or if someone has jealousy, anger or is emotionally involved in your life in some way. All of these external energies create cords in your energy field that can suck your energy or cloud the aura. You can think of cords as tentacles of energy lines that connect to anyone who you have emotional attachments to that cause you to feel out of balance or tired. To clear this we will cut the cords that do not serve your highest good, then tonify your aura with flows that tonify the Belt Channel and Central Meridian.

Its important to remember that we can’t be attacked or corded by anyone else’s energy unless we are vulnerable and open to it. Sometimes we don’t know where our weak spots are, and often we play a large role in the situation but don’t know it. So if you feel like you are under attack, this routine will help you use your awareness to clear it and then its possible that you can see the experience as a learning for your own soul growth.

This routine will also help you feel protected from external forces in the form of external pathogens and natural phenomena. External pathogens include cold, hot, dry, wet and windy weather as well as natural disasters. To do this we will add affirmations and mudras to enhance your protective shield.



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