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(30 Min) SHIBASHI - SET 1

Shibashi means Eighteen Movements. This is a popular Qigong Flow form that consists of 18 movements. Qigong Flow is characterized by repetitive movements that flow from one to the next. The Shibashi sequence (not the movements) was created in 1979 by Professor Lin Hou Sheng who is revered as a great master in China.

From my own study of this form, I feel that it really focuses on creating balance in the body by covering all eight actions of Qi Flow. The gentle rocking movements left and right and back and forth stretch the meridians, improve circulation and digestion. In this version I make sure to do the movements slow with clear transitions so that beginners can follow. If you are experienced in Qigong, this is a great form to train mindfulness and meditation to movement.

Today Shibashi is practiced around the world so I welcome you to this beautiful form filmed at the stunning Watson Lake in Prescott, AZ.

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