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SIX HEALING SOUNDS (simplified form)

(23 minutes) Simplified Form - Sound Healing for Emotional Transformation

The Tao and Chinese medicine believe that the state of our emotions is directly linked to the state of our health. If we hold on to negative emotions this creates stress on the body and harms the internal organs. The Six Healing Sounds are specific vibrations that help transform negative emotions into positive virtues. The method is a purging technique that can be used for clearing the body of toxins, stress and creating long lasting transformation on the cellular level.

The Six Healing Sounds Method (Liu Qi Fa) dates back to the 4th century AD. The practice is recorded in the Record of Longevity and Nourishing Life (Yang Sheng Ming Lu) by Tao Hong. There are many applications and interpretations of the sounds. This version of the The Six Healing Sounds Method comes from the Universal Healing Tao system of qigong developed by master Mantak Chia. It is the simplified version of the form and a fundamental practice in the U.H.T. training program.

SIX HEALING SOUNDS (simplified form)


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6 healing sounds
emotional transformation