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This routine is a 50 MINUTE special edition video for summer that is designed to tonify your energy by nourishing the Original Force internally and externally.

We begin by generating qi internally with “Warming the Stove”, a Dantian Activation sequence that uses dantian breathing and reverse breathing methods. This is followed by energy warm ups for the spinal cord and silk reeling exercises that nourish the kidneys (water element) and heart (fire element). The routine ends by collecting qi externally from the cosmic forces of Heaven and Earth with the 3 Fires, 6 Directions and Opening the Microcosmic Orbit qigong form.

The 3 Fires, 6 Directions and Opening the Microcosmic Orbit is a qigong form designed to connect with universal energy and transform it within our body. This technique trains the mind power to combine with qi power that is our birthright.

The Three Fires refer to the fire energy of the universe within our body. They are the Dantian Fire, the Kidney Fire and the Heart Fire. The Dantian Fire is the absorption fire in the lower abdomen. The Kidney fire is the adrenal fire; it is the Yang within Yin. The Heart Fire is the Imperial Fire; it is the Yin within Yang. We are all born with a vital connection to the universe through these Three Fires, but as we age the fires can become weak. Activating the Three Fires awakens our connection to the primordial force that we are all born with and vitalizes our body-mind- spirit.

The Six Directions trains us to expand awareness and open our qi to receive healing power from the Universe. Practicing this daily increases healing power.

The Microcosmic Orbit (also called the Small Heavenly Circuit) is the body's major energy pathway that runs up the back of the body and down the front of the body. Opening the Microcosmic Orbit it an exercise that activates the points along the pathway to clear blockages and prepare for the Small Circulation of Light practice.



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