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(39 min) Are you angry? Let’s release it! Holding on to anger does not serve you or anyone around you. This routine is potent and straight to the point. If you are not angry, this routine will help you clear anxiety and promote emotional imbalance - but note that it contains heavy emotional purging. If you are not that angry but would like to do this video, you can approach the exercises in a playful way, rather than serious.

About the routine

Emotions are vibrations. If we hold onto emotional frequencies for too long, then they cause harm to the organs. Anger is a yang frequency and is stored in the liver. When we hold on to anger for too long, the yang energy rises up and is hot. The result is a red face, red eyes and too much heat in the liver, gall bladder and heart. During spring, the energy of nature is rising, and we are more prone to anger and frustration. Some people repress anger, and this can result in Liver Qi stagnation, gall stones and blood stagnation.

While emotions are stored in the organs, all emotions affect the heart. So, this routine is designed to purge heat from the liver, gallbladder and heart meridians. Once we have purged the negative vibration and calmed the nervous system, we can cultivate the virtues. This will reinforce the positive state so that the emotion does not come back as easily. When we transform anger, the virtue is kindness and generosity. The routine ends with circulation flows to circulate the wood, fire and water element, creating balance and raising the love frequency.



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