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Qigong Flow

The element of winter is water. Water has the tendency to sink downwards, expressing winters energy of closing and storage. Recent studies on bio-electricity pose the theory that qi is conducted through the water-gel substance that connects our tissues, called fascia. When our body is fluid and water flows, we are healthy and full of qi. If our internal waterways become stagnant, illness arises. Circulation qigong use flowing movements, breath and mental intention to nourish the tissues, energize organs, recycle internal energy, refine the qi and irrigate the meridian pathways. One interesting side effect you may notice after qigong and meditation is an increase of saliva in the mouth. This is a good sign of qi circulation!

The energy in our bodies flows through numerous channels called meridians. The meridians can also be likened to rivers. The mother of all rivers is called the Central Meridian Channel (Zhong mai). I It is the main conduit of energy in our energy system. The Central Meridian channel runs through the core of your body from the crown of the head through the pelvic floor to the earth. This line was formed at conception. It is called the primitive streak.

When energy flows freely through the central meridian channel all its tributaries benefit. In our Winter Series Circulate routine, we focus on circulating qi through the central meridian channel. Then we will direct the flow through the kidney and bladder meridians. The routine finishes with the Small Heavenly Circuit, moving energy through the du mai and ren mai.

When should I choose to do a circulation routine?

Circulation routines are a more advanced form of qigong practice that ultimately uses the mind to guide the qi. Choose circulation practices when you have an ample amount of qi and are ready to raise and refine your frequency. In other words, circulate when you feel good and have fun doing it! Your body should be internally cleansed and balanced before circulating energy. There should also be an ample amount of qi in the lower dantian before doing circulation practices. If you feel tired or weak, it is not a time to circulate qi, unless advised by your personal TCM doctor or qigong teacher. The exception to this is the microcosmic orbit practice which helps cleanse, balance and refine the qi. It is still advised to cultivate sufficient qi in the lower dantian before doing the microcosmic orbit on a regular basis.



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