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(27 minutes)
Qigong Flow

The weather pattern and pathogen associated with winter is cold (han 寒). Our winter purge and cleanse practices are a series of invigorating qigong exercises that move stagnation, warm the internal organs (especially the kidneys) move the blood and warm the qi in the xia dantian, the lower dantian. We’ll also use pai da, tapping, to open key acupressure points on the kidney and bladder meridian to unblock and open our internal energetic pathways creating a sense of relaxation and inner peace. Movements focus on cleansing the kidneys and bladder as well as clearing and strengthening the wei qi field to prevent colds and flus.
Practice purging qigong on days when you feel extra tension in the body, stress, emotional imbalance, fear, cold hands and feet, lethargic, or have stiffness in the muscles and joints.

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