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To tonify means to strengthen, support and nourish the qi. In Chinese this is called Yang Qi Fa (Nourish Qi Method). Because winter corresponds to the kidneys and the kidneys store our reserve qi, it is an important time to "nourish the storage" and give extra support to the kidneys, and the blood.

The energy point on the body for nourishing the kidneys is the mingmen or life gate. The ming men is like a switch that regulates the flow of vital qi through the body and balances the kidney yin and kidney yang energy. The mingmen and the lower dantian are closely related: any exercise that builds the energy of the dantian also strengthens the ming men. Therefor our tonification exercises this season are slower and gentle meditative movements that focus on building internal energy in the lower dantain and mingmen. A nap or still meditation after this practice is highly recommended.

When should I choose to do a tonification routine?
Most everyone can benefit from tonification qigong. Those who should be careful with tonification are those who are in an acute stage of a flu, virus or disease. There are specific tonification exercises for diseases such as cancer that focus in on specific organs and these should be prescribed through personal consultation with a medical qigong doctor.

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